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Success of a company's success largely depends upon brand's reputation. In the digital realm, business thriveswith the right content moderation strategy, which can be pivotal in shaping brand's trajectory. For brands, there's a high cost for missing the mark. More than 5 in 10 survey respondents said all it takes is one incident of toxic or fake UGC to walk away from a brand's community. Worse, nearly half (45%) said it would make them lose all trust in a brand. These findings highlight the importance of online identity protection and social profile moderation. Here's how it works, and how brands can do it more effectively. It's also worth noting that recent surveys suggest that 85% of users prioritize user-generated content over content published directly by the brands themselves. With this in mind, it isn't surprising that content moderation can make or break your audience's perception of your brand.

Case Studies and Reports


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The social media trends are moving at a very fast pace to keep itself updated with everything that is happening around. This industry got a major boost in 2008 when a large...


ECommerce is skyrocketing with the deep penetration of technology and the conveniences it offers. The current (Year 2021) market share is US $4.2 trillion and forecasted...

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