Incident Management: Effective Management of incidences without sparking disruption in everyday operations

Our Well-documented incident management processes and trained incident managers help our customers in the reduction of downtime.
incident management

Benefits of Incident Management

Major incidents that companies face may include failures in products, equipment, processes or systems, which cause indirect, but still harmful losses. Our Incident Management services address those potential issues to provide a holistic solution.

Minimize Downtime

24×7 incident desk coordinators and incident managers ensure quick resolution of incidents. Streamlined incident management processes lead to better overall operational efficiency and resilience in the face of challenges.

Easier Problem Management

Problem life-cycle starts with identification and the collected data on incident trends help with that. Identifying and resolving incidents reduces the risk of more significant problems and system failures.

Rapid Issue Resolution

It ensures swift detection, reporting and resolution of incidents, minimizing downtime and disruption. Innovative channels to communicate and resolves issues mean smooth operations.

Cost Reduction

Efficient incident management can reduce the financial impact of incidents and prevent recurring problems. It also helps organizations comply with regulatory requirements by documenting and reporting incidents as necessary.

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Empowering your business with Individualized solution

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Applications and Capabilities

Advanced tools for incident communication, data gathering, and repair are critical in Incident Management. Foiwe strategically positions itself at the core of operations to effectively manage incidents.


  • Network Monitoring
  • Mission Critical applications
  • IT Infrastructure


  • Process Oriented approach.
  • Maintain Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Service Level Agreements (SLAs).
  • Detailed Reports
  • Experienced Staffs

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What is Incident Management?

Manage unavoidable incidences of your IT infrastructures through Foiwe’s Incident Management Services.

Incident Management is to restore normal service operation as early as possible while minimizing impact to business operations and maintaining quality. Incidents cause downtime, which can slow or prevent businesses from executing operations and services.

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Case Studies and Reports

Incident management is the process of identifying, responding to and resolving incidents in a structured and efficient manner. It is important for organizations because it helps minimize the impact of incidents on operations, reduces downtime and ensures a rapid return to normal business operations.

Incident management can be applied to various types of incidents, including IT outages, cybersecurity breaches, workplace accidents, natural disasters and other unexpected events that can disrupt normal business operations.

Effective incident management can lead to reduced downtime, minimized financial losses, protection of the organization’s reputation, compliance with regulations and improved customer and employee satisfaction. It helps organizations respond swiftly and recover efficiently from incidents.

Incident management services typically establish clear communication protocols, escalation procedures, and a chain of command. They use various communication tools to keep all relevant stakeholders informed and coordinated throughout the incident resolution process.

Key success factors include quick incident detection and response, effective communication, incident documentation and analysis, continuous improvement and compliance with regulations and industry standards. The ability to adapt to different types of incidents is also critical.

Measurable outcomes may include reduced downtime, minimized financial losses, shorter incident resolution times, improved incident response effectiveness and a decrease in the frequency and severity of incidents. Effective incident management contributes to a more resilient and prepared organization.


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