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Helping matchmaking industry with their content moderation and scam prevention needs.

The Foiwe Advantage

Many of the Matchmaking apps on the Internet today have gained a reputation for being very risky. This is due to the fact that many of the apps allow members to create their profiles with fake information and then use such information to find matches for them in the real world. There have been concerns expressed by various law enforcement officials as to how these apps might be used to solicit criminal activities and other unsavory activities. As concerns about the safety of the dating process and other areas of online dating are growing, it is imperative to implement measures that would significantly reduce the number of users who attempt to sabotage the online community with harmful content.  

Foiwe provides versatile services that offer ways for matchmaking apps to thwart such problems using Content moderation.  


Foiwe monitors activities and interactions within the platform to ensure the safety of its users.  Upgrade the experiences and quality of your services while maintaining a clean community for the users

Safe online community

With our community management service, you can enforce content sharing policies within your matchmaking platform.

Watch for exploits

Insights gathered from user-generated content and user behavior can help in upgrading experiences.

Enhance search and match

Content tagging services enable you to feed relevant data to machine learning engines, ultimately enhancing the quality of functions in your app.

Services We Offer

Services helping matchmaking and dating businesses with content management and customer support needs in achieving higher user experience and retention

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