Content Moderation Services

Users across the globe are generating billions of Kilobytes of content and are publishing over the internet in various forms such as live stream broadcasts, text, images, videos, blog posts, reviews, feedback etc. To safeguard your brand, it is important that these user generated content on your video apps, website, forums, games, mobile applications or blogs are appropriate and managed well. When user generated content are controlled efficiently, your online presence becomes more creditable amongst your users. You need a strong user generated content moderation service team to support your billion dollar platform.
Our content moderators work 24/7 to ensure that your users get relevant and user friendly content every time they visit your site. We are mentioned in various renowned journals for our success and contribution towards content moderation services.

The Foiwe Advantage

Real-time, customized moderation of user generated content across all social media channels is done by our group of skilled human technocrats. We instantly remove spam, offensive and unsuitable content, be it video, text or image.Accuracy, dedicated resources, customized solution, strict SLA, secure, cost-effective and 24×7 availability, makes us way ahead of competitors. Makes us the most preferred User generated content moderation (UGC Moderation) company.

We are cooperating over one year. During that time we had only good experiences. Very professional service and very good communication what is missing in cooperating with other companies. Also they are very open for our ideas and requests. I can truly recommend them.

Kaja Chrzanowska

COO, Intelligent Elite S.L.

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We Moderate

More than 1.5 Million images per day
Around 40K user profiles per day
Close to 15K chat sessions every day
Around 2.5 Million short videos per day
Close to 20K live streams every day

Our moderators are helping our clients in supporting 100+ Million end-users.

Our accuracy, speed, cost and proactive analysis make us the most preferred moderation partner of the world’s largest dating site (ComScore 2012 ratings).