Professional Enterprise Content Moderation Services Offers monitoring and screening of user-generated content based on platform’s rules and guidelines

Gathering information, transparency in reporting and a versatile management workflow that is efficient and cost-saving are rolled into one service by Foiwe. Our content moderation services help you maintain a safe and welcoming online environment for your users!

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Content Moderation Services

Foiwe’s skilled, multilingual team acts swiftly when content turns negative, ensuring reliability with constant standby support across various media platforms.

Review communities and social sites that support live video streams. Perform comprehensive assessments of online communities, apps and social platforms with Foiwe’s 24×7 Live Stream Moderation.

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Effectively check user-generated video content to save brand image. Foiwe can deploy seasoned video moderators for evaluation of user-generated videos as per guidelines that is unique to your platform.

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Ensure delivery of curated image content generated by your end user. Methodically curate and deliver visually appealing images and multimedia elements across platforms with a precise image moderation.

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Pave the way for conflict-free chat and instant messaging. Our panel of expert moderators leads the path to conflict-free chat and instant messaging conversations through vigilant chat and IM moderation.

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Prevent policy violations across multiple user generated text content types. Utilize text moderation to proactively thwart a broad spectrum of policy violations within comments, tweets, posts, reviews, etc.

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Regulate healthy discussions & interactions on online communities. Promote and sustain healthy & engaging interaction in online communities through dedicated Community Moderation and Management.

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With experienced Campaign Moderation team, Foiwe helps you to gain the upper hand while engaging users through promotional campaigns. We have sorted out scalability with the volume fluctuations.

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We moderate short video clips at a fast pace as it may go viral as soon as they land at your platform. Conduct Short Video Reviews on content that ranges from under a minute to up to five minutes.

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Regulate the reviews and ratings you receive online. Effectively manage online feedback through our Review and Rating Moderation services to control the spams, scams and competitors’ redirects.

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Empowering your business with Individualized solution

While a few platforms are tackling the issues related to content moderation, others are still in the process of determining their starting point. In contrast, we have already successfully implemented it. Experience our AI content moderation at its finest with ContentAnalyzer

With your dedicated account manager, as a single point of contact and accessible round the clock over the phone or messenger, you get a personalized support and swift communication literally in real time. We aim at seamless problem-solving, enhancing overall satisfaction on our service delivery and partnership effectiveness through continuous communication across multiple channels.

Content moderation for an app demands a tailor-made solution aligned with your project’s unique requirements. Our customized offerings ensure that the moderation process effectively aligns with your content types, user demographics and compliance mandates. We are your extended team working together towards user safety, platform integrity and user experience.
We understand that real-time implementation of moderation guideline changes in an app is crucial for maintaining user safety and adherence to evolving content standards. Swift updates prevent harmful or inappropriate content from slipping through the cracks, ensuring a responsive and adaptable moderation system that protects both users and the app’s reputation.

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The Working of Content Moderation

Human Moderation of User Generated Content

Foiwe is an expert at human moderation of user-generated content in ways that both protect your users and produce an outstanding experience for contributors. We understand how thorough moderation holds significance in the preservation of positive experiences.

Realtime Human Moderation of user-generated content across all social media channels is a core service offered by Foiwe. Our moderation service removes spam, offensive, and unsuitable content of any user-readable format.

It is the process of reviewing, monitoring and managing user-generated content on digital platforms, such as website and apps. It helps to ensure that it complies with community guidelines, legal regulations and ethical standards set by the platform or website. Foiwe Info Global Solutions, ranked amongst the top Content Moderation Companies, helps your users a pleasant and secure online experience through user generated content moderation services. 

1. Text Moderation:

Description: Text moderation is the process of reviewing and evaluating textual content such as comments, posts, messages and captions. Foiwe ensure it complies with platform guidelines and community standards.
Use Cases: Text moderation is commonly used in social media platforms, online forums, comment sections, chat rooms and any platform where users can submit written content.

2. Image Moderation:

Description: Image moderation involves reviewing and assessing images, photos and illustrations uploaded by users to ensure they adhere to content guidelines.
Use Cases: Image moderation is crucial on platforms like image-sharing websites, social media, dating apps and forums where users can upload pictures.

3. Video Moderation:

Description: Video moderation is the process of evaluating video content for compliance with platform rules. This includes checking for explicit or harmful material, copyright violations and content that goes against community guidelines.
Use Cases:Video moderation is vital on video-sharing platforms, live streaming services and websites hosting user-generated video content.

4.Community Moderation:

Description: Community moderation involves empowering users within a platform’s community to act as moderators. Users can report and flag content and their reports are reviewed by designated moderators.
Use Cases: Community moderation is common on forums, social media, and online communities where users actively participate in maintaining a positive environment.

5. Review Moderation:

Description:Review moderation focuses on assessing and managing user reviews and ratings of products, services or businesses to ensure authenticity and adherence to platform guidelines.
Use Cases:Review moderation is crucial on e-commerce websites, travel platforms and apps where users leave reviews and ratings.

6. Audio Moderation:

Description: Audio moderation involves evaluating and monitoring audio content, such as podcasts, voice messages or music uploads, to ensure it complies with content guidelines and community standards.
Use Cases: Audio moderation is relevant on platforms hosting audio content, podcast directories, music streaming services and communication apps where users can send voice messages.

1. Maintaining a Safe Environment: 

Content moderation helps create a safe digital space by identifying and removing harmful or inappropriate content. At Foiwe content moderation Includes hate speech, harassment, explicit material and scams.

2. Upholding Community Standards: 

It enforces the rules and guidelines established by platforms to foster a positive and respectful online community, reducing the risk of disputes and conflicts.

3. Protecting Vulnerable Audiences: 

Content Moderation safeguards vulnerable users, such as children, from exposure to harmful content and ensures their online experience remains age-appropriate.

4. Preserving Brand Reputation: 

Foiwe helps businesses and organizations by content moderation for safeguarding their brand reputation and image.

5. Compliance with Legal Regulations: 

Content moderation ensures that platforms comply with legal obligations, including copyright, defamation and privacy laws.

1. Automated Tools: 

We at Foiwe do automated moderation tools that use algorithms and machine learning to flag and filter out potentially problematic content.

2. Human Moderators: 

We have a dedicted human moderator team, often referred to as content moderators, play a critical role in assessing complex or context-dependent content that automated tools may miss.

3. Real-time and Post-moderation: 

Content can be moderated in real-time during live interactions, as seen in chat moderation during live streams, where content is reviewed after it’s published.

4. User Reporting: 

Platforms often rely on user reports to identify content violations. Users can report content they find inappropriate, which then undergoes moderation.

Content moderation comes in various forms to address different types of online platforms and content. Here are the common types of content moderation that Foiwe follow:

1. Pre-Moderation: 

In this, first human moderator will reviewed and approved the content then it will published on the website or app. This approach ensures that no inappropriate or harmful content reaches the audience.

2. Post-Moderation: 

In post-moderation user-generated content reviewing after it has been published on the website or app by moderator . Moderators assess and take action on reported or flagged content.

 3. Reactive Moderation: 

Reactive moderation relies on user reports or flags to identify potentially inappropriate content. Moderators review reported content and take action accordingly.

 4. Proactive Moderation: 

Proactive moderation uses automated tools, algorithms and filters to scan and detect potentially harmful or violating content in real-time. This approach aims to prevent inappropriate content from being published before it reaches the audience. It is commonly used on live chat platforms and streaming services.


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