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Review and Rating Moderation

Regulate the reviews and ratings you receive online

Review and Rating Moderation

How does Review and Rating Moderation work?

Online reviews are crucial to your brand’s reputation. They draw new customers as previous customers share their thoughts, opinions, and experiences with your brand. While positive reviews build the brand’s value, negative or defamatory ones draw more attention and causes distrust. To prevent such mishaps, Foiwe helps moderate the reviews and ratings receives to provide the customers with a safe and trustworthy experience.  

Moderating reviews and ratings do not mean to simply remove all the negative or unflattering ones.  At Foiwe, the focus is to provide a space for healthy criticism and positive change while keeping your brand away from reviews that are baseless, obscene, advertisements, spams or harmful .

The expert moderation technocrats at Foiwe work around the clock to evaluate reviews and ratings for their reliability to provide you with honest customer feedbacks.   


Applications and Capabilities

Rating and Review Moderation tools can be used across platforms to keep a tab on how your audience perceive your brand’s identity.


  • Interactive Websites encouraging user reviews
  • Review and rating platforms
  • E-commerce
  • Edu-tech
  • Games
  • App stores


  • Scalable and dedicated team
  • Unbiased decisions by moderators
  • Secure and Confidential
  • 100 percent availability
  • Quick response time

Benefits of Review and Rating Moderation

In the long run, review and rating moderation systems helps you build your brand’s value and image, here’s how. 

Drives Customers and Sales
When customers are welcomed with positive reviews and high ratings, they are open to exploring your page or service and willing to use them without worry.
Protects Reputation
On the internet everything is in the public eye and can be an easy target for cyber bullies. With Foiwe, you can pick and choose only the reviews and ratings that add to your brand’s value.
Learn from your Audience
Reviewing your ratings and comments helps you understand what your customers want and appreciate. Further assisting you in bettering your services.
Builds Trust
Weeding out negative reviews that cast a shadow on your brand helps build trust and boosts your brand image.
Stops Fake Reviews and Spams
Not all reviews are relevant or honest, these can be misleading to users. The same applies for ratings.
Shields Users
Underage or vulnerable users can be protected from inappropriate content and predatory behaviour.

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