Text Moderation: Prevent a wide range of policy violations in the format of text across comments, tweets, posts, reviews, etc.

Content that tarnishes a platform or a brand’s reputation can take various forms, but the most rudimentary format that can easily permeate through media is text. That’s the power of text – be it a blog article, a comment, or a file from a text bin. Our text moderation services ensure a safe & positive online environment!


Benefits of Text Moderation

Foiwe’s moderators assess text content in every session to ensure the flow of appropriate content and ideas.
Remove hate speech and spam
An integrated software tool to censor unwanted text helps skip hours of manual reading. Foiwe ensures that user-generated content adheres to community guidelines and platform policies, creating a safe and respectful online environment.
Text Masking
The content identified to violate policies is masked using special characters in real-time. This helps keep the reading environment more palatable. Foiwe ensures compliance with legal regulations, preventing the dissemination of illegal or prohibited content.
Enhance user engagement
User-friendly texts improve user engagement as users feel safe and secure. Arrests cyber bullies and fraud on the onset and removes them. Our moderators, through their experiences, can identify and remove unwanted texts in the shortest turnaround time possible.
Multilingual team
Manage user generated text in multiple languages. Our multilingual moderation team ensures effective content review and communication across diverse audiences, enhancing inclusivity and cultural sensitivity.
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Items Moderated each day 

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Empowering your business with Individualized solution

While a few platforms are tackling the issues related to content moderation, others are still in the process of determining their starting point. In contrast, we have already successfully implemented it. Experience our AI content moderation at its finest with ContentAnalyzer

With your dedicated account manager, as a single point of contact and accessible round the clock over the phone or messenger, you get a personalized support and swift communication literally in real time. We aim at seamless problem-solving, enhancing overall satisfaction on our service delivery and partnership effectiveness through continuous communication across multiple channels.

Content moderation for an app demands a tailor-made solution aligned with your project’s unique requirements. Our customized offerings ensure that the moderation process effectively aligns with your content types, user demographics and compliance mandates. We are your extended team working together towards user safety, platform integrity and user experience.
We understand that real-time implementation of moderation guideline changes in an app is crucial for maintaining user safety and adherence to evolving content standards. Swift updates prevent harmful or inappropriate content from slipping through the cracks, ensuring a responsive and adaptable moderation system that protects both users and the app’s reputation.

Applications and Capabilities

Text Moderation service can ensure safe user experiences across a wide variety of streaming platforms.


  • Any Platform that supports text


  • Can handle large volumes of data.
  • Multilingual support to skim unwanted material in any human language.
  • Real-time moderation.
  • Enhance AI vocabulary through constant data feed
  • Identify underlying trends

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Text Moderation

Importance of Text Moderation

Text moderation is the process of filtering a user’s input and allowing or rejecting the “raw” information. In essence, a content moderator is an expert to detect and differentiate user-voiced opinions from content that can trigger civil unrest.  

At Foiwe, we strive to help you serve sane, palpable content while nurturing a healthy environment for a candid exchange of ideas.  

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Case Studies and Reports

Text moderation is part content moderation. In this process we monitor and manage user-generated text-based content on online platforms, websites, social media, forums and other digital spaces. Using text moderation we can ensure that the content posted by users is following the community guidelines, content policies and legal regulations while maintaining a safe, respectful online environment.

1. Filtering Inappropriate Content:

Text moderation systems use automated algorithms or human moderators to detect and filter out content that may be offensive, harmful and violation of platform rules. Text moderation include profanity, explicit content, harassment, hate speech and abusive language.

2. Ensuring Legal Compliance:

Text moderation also involves checking content for legal compliance. This includes monitoring for copyright infringement, preventing the dissemination of illegal or harmful content and addressing issues related to defamation or libel.

3. Promoting Community Guidelines:

Online communities often have specific guidelines or rules that users must follow to maintain a positive atmosphere. Text moderation helps enforce these guidelines by removing or flagging content that violates them.

4. Preventing Spam:

Another important aspect of text moderation is identifying and preventing spam content, including spam comments, links to malicious websites and excessive self-promotion.

5. Balancing Free Speech and Safety:

Commonly the challenge of striking a balance between protecting users from harm and respecting the principles of free speech are faced by the platform owners. This balance can vary depending on the platform’s policies and the legal framework in the region.

6. User Reporting:

Many platforms allow users to report content they find problematic or offensive. Text moderation teams often rely on user reports to identify and address issues promptly.

7. Machine Learning and AI:

Some platforms use machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to assist in text moderation. These algorithms can learn from patterns and data to automatically detect and filter out inappropriate content, although human moderation is often necessary for more nuanced cases.

Text moderation can be implemented in various online spaces and platforms where user-generated content is prevalent. Here are some common places where text moderation is essential, along with how it can benefit brands:

1. Social Media Platforms:

Text moderation can ensure that comments, posts and interactions on their social media profiles remain respectful and on-brand. It helps in maintaining a positive image and reputation.

2. E-commerce Websites:

E-commerce brands can moderate user-generated product reviews and comments to prevent spam, filter out inappropriate content, and address customer concerns promptly. This enhances the shopping experience and builds trust in the brand.

3. Online Forums and Communities:

Brands that host online forums or communities can use text moderation to foster healthy discussions, prevent trolling, and maintain a supportive atmosphere for their customers and fans.

4. User-Generated Content Platforms:

Social media can moderate comments and user-generated content related to their products or services to ensure a brand-safe environment and protect against negative associations.

5. Customer Support Chatbots:

Brands can incorporate text moderation into their automated customer support chatbots to ensure that responses are respectful and align with brand values.

6. Live Chat Support:

In live chat interactions, text moderation can help brands maintain professionalism and avoid situations where agents may encounter abusive language.

7. Review:

We can use text moderation on review platforms to ensure that customer reviews are fair and honest, while also proving fake or spam reviews.

1. Brand Reputation Management:

Text moderation helps brands maintain a positive online reputation by ensuring that their online spaces are free from offensive or harmful content. Text Moderation build trust between customers and brands..

2. User Engagement and Loyalty:

Creating safe and respectful online environments encourages users to engage more actively with the brand. Positive interactions can lead to increased customer loyalty and advocacy.

3. Compliance with Brand Values:

Text moderation helps brands ensure that user-generated content aligns with their values and messaging, reducing the risk of content that may conflict with the brand’s image.

4. Mitigating PR Crises:

Promptly identifying and addressing negative or harmful content through text moderation can help brands avoid potential PR crises and quickly respond to issues before they escalate.

5. Improved Customer Experience:

Text moderation can provide a better customer experience by ensuring that user-generated content is relevant and helpful. This will help to increase customer satisfaction and repeat business.

6. Data-Driven Insights:

Analyzing the data collected through text moderation can provide valuable insights into customer sentiment, preferences, and emerging trends, which can inform marketing and product development strategies.

The cost of text moderation can vary widely depending on several factors, including the scale of moderation required, the complexity of the content being moderated, the tools and technologies used and the human labor involved. Here are some of the key factors that can impact the cost of text moderation:

1. Volume of Content:

The more text content you need to moderate, the higher the cost will be. Costs can be based on a per-unit basis (e.g., per message, per comment) or on a time-based model (e.g., per hour of moderation).

2. Complexity of Content:

Moderating text that contains multiple languages, slang or highly specialized terminology may require more effort and expertise, which can increase costs.

3. Moderation Level:

Different levels of moderation can be applied, from basic filtering to more advanced techniques like sentiment analysis or custom rule-based moderation. More advanced moderation methods often come with higher costs.

4. Automation vs. Human Moderation:

Automation through AI and machine learning can be cost-effective for high volumes of content but may require significant initial investment in technology development and ongoing monitoring. Human moderation can be more costly but offers a higher degree of accuracy and nuanced understanding.

5. Customization:

Tailoring moderation to your specific needs and industry may require custom development or training of moderation models, which can add to the cost.

6. Real-time vs. Batch Moderation:

Real-time moderation to filter content as it’s generated may have higher operational costs than batch processing, which can be done periodically.

7. Tooling and Software:

The cost of using third-party moderation tools or software licenses should be considered, along with any associated subscription fees or usage charges.

8. Compliance and Reporting:

If you need to comply with specific regulations or maintain detailed records of moderation activities, there may be additional costs associated with compliance and reporting.

9. Scalability:

Costs can vary depending on whether the moderation solution can easily scale with your needs. Adding more capacity or adjusting moderation rules may impact the overall cost.

10. Service Provider :

Different service providers or agencies offer text moderation services at different price points, so it’s essential to compare providers and their pricing structures.

11. Geographic Location:

Labor costs for human moderation can vary significantly by geographic location, with higher costs typically in regions with a higher cost of living.

12. Response Time:

If you require near-instantaneous moderation, it may come at a premium compared to delayed or batch processing.


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