Maintaining authenticity and sanity of review on ratings on Marketplace platforms and apps


Marketplace and ecommerce platforms may face several problems with review and rating systems, including:

Problem Statement

Client launched a new marketplace for the European region and was facing challenges with user retention and fraud prevention on the platform. Few counterfeited products got listed on the platform buyers were facing decision making dilemmas due to biased reviews.

Pain points

Fake or biased reviews: Some users may post fake or biased reviews in order to manipulate the rating system and boost the perceived popularity of certain products or sellers.

Inappropriate content: Reviews may contain inappropriate language, hate speech, or personal attacks, which can create a negative user experience and damage the reputation of the platform and its sellers.

Legal and regulatory issues: Ecommerce platforms may be held liable for the content that is posted on their site, including reviews and ratings. This may lead to legal and regulatory issues if reviews contain false or defamatory information.

Difficulty in verifying authenticity of reviews: Ecommerce platforms may find it difficult to verify the authenticity of reviews, which can make it difficult to determine which reviews are legitimate and which are fake.

Maintaining trust and reputation: Review and rating systems can be easy targets for manipulation, which can negatively impact a platform’s reputation and erode customer trust.

Managing the volume of reviews: Ecommerce platform may face difficulty in managing the volume of reviews and ratings.

Managing the negative reviews: Negative reviews can affect the reputation of the seller and the platform, so it is important to manage these reviews effectively.

Foiwe’s Offerings:

Our content moderation offering customized for market place, helps maintain the sanity of reviews and ratings on ecommerce apps by removing or flagging inappropriate or fake content. This can include spam, offensive language, fake reviews or reviews that violate the platform’s terms of service.

Our team helps to maintain the integrity of reviews and ratings on the platform by removing or flagging potentially fake, biased, or inappropriate content, ensuring that users can make informed purchasing decisions based on accurate and reliable information and protect the reputation of the ecommerce platform and its sellers.

Our fraud moderation team reviewed listed contents, buyer and seller profiles, catalogues, live chats etc. to prevent online fraud on this platform.

In doing so, the content moderation compliance also helped in preventing legal and regulatory issues that may arise from the publication of false or defamatory content. Our helpdesk team addressed user queries 24×7 through Zen desk resulting a timely resolution of issues including refunds and returns.

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