Our Trust & Safety Experience helps Dating Platform to Combat Online Frauds


Online dating platform provides opportunity to thousands of single individuals to come to a common place and find their right partners. Dating sites are designed to provide a user-friendly platform which allows user to interact with each other. It also provides an opportunity to check their potential partners’ profile and understand their likes and dislikes.

Online dating platform is the place where an individual is most emotionally exposed and is prone to fall victim to online frauds and scams.

With more and more users coming online, dating industry has seen a tremendous growth in user registration and user generated content. But at the same time there are increase in user hostility within the platform, that cause serious damage to the overall reputation.


Client Background

The client is one of the leading brands in dating industry catering to users across the globe. They have one of the largest user databases in the industry that offers high quality user content.

Client’s Request

Due to the increasing number of maleficent users, the reputation of the company is taking a serious hit. To keep their platform user friendly and safe, they came to us with following challenges. At the time of initial interaction, the client relied on automation system to perform basic profanity checks but falling behind due to various innovations that the scam and spam industry adopts to.

01Identify and eliminate fake profiles on their site. With increasing percentage of fake profile, sites trustworthiness comes down. 02Users reported receiving spam and suspicious link from other users.
03Verifying newly registered users. 04Verify uploaded images and videos to ensure the user are safe and follow community guideline.
05Boost user security during text, audio and video chats and ensure all users follow the guidelines for using the service. 06Users are getting emotionally duped to pay money.

Foiwe’s Offering

After interacting with the client to understand their challenges thoroughly and utilizing our expertise in content moderation service, we provided them with a multifold solution.

  • Fake Moderation: Our experienced and specially trained content moderators will deep dive into user profile and check their historical generated content. Then identify any suspicious usage pattern which separate them from genuine users. After that we blacklist the devices used or ban the user itself on the platform based on severity.
  • Profile Moderation: Screen newly registered user accounts – from the profile image they use, to their email address pattern. Check the authenticity and accuracy of the details provided by them, such as age, date of birth, gender and location etc.
  • Text and Chat Moderation: Moderators skim through the textual content which are posted on the platform by the users. They identify any spam or suspicious link shared over the platform, and remove them.
  • Image, Video and Livestream Moderation: Our moderators continuously monitor what users uploads or stream with other users. Filters NSFW content or anything that breaches the guideline. For streaming content, they identify inappropriate behavior, harassment or anything that is a threat to users in near real-time.
  • Identify and differentiate spam profile from hacked profiles. Prevent misuse of hacked profiles and the data within.

By utilizing our 24/7 service, our client managed to maintain their platform safe and trustworthy. User experience improved significantly whereas scammers and fake profile reduced to almost zero. Foiwe’s experienced moderator added an extra layer of security to their site from last 12 Years.

All these gave a huge boost to their brand value and became one of the most preferred dating platforms.

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