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Serve appropriate multimedia content and foster a healthy user base. 

The Foiwe Advantage

The rise of mobile devices, combined with the increase in users turning to their mobiles for all their entertainment needs, has increased the demand for companies to understand how media and entertainment brands benefit from good Content Moderation.  A large number of apps are now vying for attention in app markets, and these apps are picked for serving relevant content to their users. Faltering in this aspect can mean a quick and ugly descent from the community. You can combat this problem by implementing moderation systems by being able to ensure that what types of media you allow your customers and potential clients to see. 

Foiwe’s Content Moderation system protects your users’ interests by controlling what they can and cannot see on their devices. This works because different types of content are chosen by Content Moderators depending on whether they are intended for a mature audience or one that is more age-appropriate. For example, a video that a younger person may enjoy would be unsuitable for a company that markets more to an older audience, as the content could be considered inappropriate for a younger person’s device. The moderator then decides which types of content should be made available, allowing the company to ensure that they are not inadvertently broadcasting something to a younger customer that would be considered offensive. 


Foiwes moderation professionals review content presented on your platform and curate their delivery to the appropriate user groups. Data labeling solutions from Foiwe can help in prepping the data for AI-Applications.

Beyond censorships

A careful review of media content allows you to cater appropriate content and deliver your users the entertainment they deserve.

Reviews and ratings

Foiwe keeps an eye on user inputs like reviews can contain information that can upset the equilibrium of your brand

Accurate content delivery

Data labeling services clean and catalog unstructured data for proper processing, aiding in AI-based functions for your business.

Services We Offer

Helping businesses with content management, infrastructure services, and customer support to help them make the most effective and informed decisions. 

Services We Offer

Services we offer primarily focus on helping businesses with content management, infrastructure services, and customer support to help them make the most effective and informed decisions. 

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