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Welcome to Foiwe, your trusted partner in content moderation for the dynamic and ever-evolving media and entertainment industry. Our cutting-edge solutions ensure your brand’s safety, reputation and compliance in an online world filled with diverse content.
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Benefits of Moderation

Content Removal Efficiency

Content moderation team or tools identify and remove content that violates your guidelines. A high percentage indicates effective and timely content removal, contributing to a safer online environment.

False Positive Rate

Ensures accurate content moderation, minimizing unnecessary restrictions, maintaining user trust, increasing productivity and reducing workload. Also enhancing compliance and platform reputation.

Response Time

Faster response times demonstrate your commitment to user safety and satisfaction. Monitoring response time helps ensure that offensive content is dealt with promptly.

User Satisfaction

User satisfaction is a critical measure of the overall effectiveness of your content moderation efforts. Positive feedback indicates that users feel safe and content quality is maintained on your platform.

Compliance with Regulations

This metric helps evaluate your ability to meet legal requirements and industry standards. A high compliance rate indicates a proactive approach to risk management and legal adherence.

Impact on User Engagement

Analyzing how content moderation impacts user engagement provides insights into its effect on the overall success and growth of your platform. Positive changes in user behavior may indicate a well-balanced approach to content moderation.

Our Key Metrics

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Service Offerings

With a multilingual and highly qualified team, Foiwe takes proactive steps when the conversation or content takes a nasty turn. To ensure such reliability, our team is always on standby. In addition, we cover a wide range of media platforms, so no content goes unchecked.

Screening and Review

Prioritize the systematic screening and review of user-generated content to ensure it aligns with guidelines and standards. This measure helps maintain content quality and safety.

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Automated Filtering

Implement advanced AI-powered filtering algorithms to proactively flag potentially inappropriate or harmful content. This helps maintain real-time content quality and safety.

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Video Moderation

Our video moderation service filters and monitors user-generated videos, ensuring compliance with content guidelines, safeguarding against inappropriate content and make a safe online environment.

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Text Moderation

With our AI and human text moderation service, we analyze and filter user-generated text content, preventing the display of offensive or harmful messages in online platforms.

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Image Moderation

In image moderation service, we human oversight to analyze and filter user-submitted images, ensuring they adhere to content guidelines, promoting a safe online environment.

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Live Stream Moderation

Our expert moderators, monitor and moderate real-time user-generated content during live streams, ensuring compliance with guidelines and a safe viewer experience.

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Moderation Approach


AI and Automation Moderation

This help businesses save time and resources by automating the process of reviewing and filtering user-generated content. Also  maintaining brand safety and compliance with community guidelines.

Manual - Human Moderation

Manual moderation allows for a more subjective review of content, where moderators can use their discretion to determine if certain content violates community guidelines or advertising policies.


Customized Moderation

The customized or tailor made approach allows businesses to take advantage of the speed and efficiency of automated moderation while also providing the benefits of manual human moderation

Tailor-made and scalable solution for all content moderation needs

While a few platforms are tackling the issues related to content moderation, others are still in the process of determining their starting point. In contrast, we have already successfully implemented it.
content moderation advantages

With your dedicated account manager, as a single point of contact and accessible round the clock over the phone or messenger, you get a personalized support and swift communication literally in real time. We aim at seamless problem-solving, enhancing overall satisfaction on our service delivery and partnership effectiveness through continuous communication across multiple channels.

Content moderation for an app demands a tailor-made solution aligned with your project’s unique requirements. Our customized offerings ensure that the moderation process effectively aligns with your content types, user demographics and compliance mandates. We are your extended team working together towards user safety, platform integrity and user experience.
We understand that real-time implementation of moderation guideline changes in an app is crucial for maintaining user safety and adherence to evolving content standards. Swift updates prevent harmful or inappropriate content from slipping through the cracks, ensuring a responsive and adaptable moderation system that protects both users and the app’s reputation.

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Case Studies and Reports

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Content moderation is the process of monitoring and reviewing user-generated content, such as comments, videos, images  and text, to ensure it complies with platform guidelines, industry regulations  and brand standards. In the media and entertainment sector, it helps maintain a safe and respectful online environment while protecting brand reputation.

Content moderation is crucial to protect users from harmful or offensive content, maintain a positive online community, comply with industry regulations and safeguard the reputation of media and entertainment brands. It also fosters user engagement and trust.

Yes, content moderation can be customized to your platform’s specific requirements. Customized or hybrid moderation solutions combine AI automation and human moderation, offering a tailored approach that optimizes both speed and accuracy.

Key performance metrics (KPIs) such as content removal efficiency, false positive rate, response time, user satisfaction, compliance with regulations  and impact on user engagement can be used to measure the effectiveness of content moderation. Regular audits and reporting are also essential for continuous improvement.

Yes, content moderation should adhere to data privacy regulations and handle user data and sensitive information with care. Platforms should have protocols in place to ensure compliance with data protection laws.

To get started with content moderation, reach out to experienced content moderation service providers who can assess your specific needs, customize a moderation strategy and implement the necessary tools and processes to ensure a safe and engaging online environment for your audience.


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