Video Moderation

Our video moderation team provides impeccable delivery within stipulated service level. Whether you need an overall video moderation solution or a customized solution, we do it all for you. Our video moderation team have flawless records of accuracy and quick turn-around time. We top it up with an additional layer of quality control to ensure that all the videos that your users find on your site are as per your policies.

End-To-End Moderation

Sometimes video previews do not give a complete picture of it’s real content. Our moderators review these videos end-to-end for any policy violation that may be embedded within.

Live Cam Moderation

Video chat is a constant activity and the time spent cannot be undone, it needs real-time moderation with zero delay. Our video moderators moderate live cams feeds real-time 24/7/365.

Frame By Frame Moderation

A video is split into multiple still picture frames and then our moderators review each of the frames and remove only those frames which are not aligned to the guidelines provided by you.

Hybrid Moderation

Our moderators not only moderate videos but also checks for policy violation on the comments, snapshots or other user generated content related to those videos.

Flagged Video Moderation

Only videos flagged or reported by community members as inappropriate are monitored and moderated by our skilled reviewers. Ideal approach for start-ups or growing forums.

Custom Offerings

When traditional moderation methods do not meet your objectives, our experienced relationship will work with you to design a suitable solution just to match your unique idea.

Our swift, accurate, scalable and cost effective moderation solutions are designed to support projects of various sizes and volume.  Contact our accounts team to know about our various cost-effective video moderation offers.