Empowering Brands With Professional Content Moderation Services

Ranked amongst the top providers for User Generated Content Moderation services, Foiwe can help your users a pleasant and secure online experience.

Content Moderation Services

Helping Adult Entertainment Platforms to Comply with Digital Services Act (DSA)

Fortify Your Adult Content Platform with Our Specialized Content Moderation & Identity Verification Services in Adherence to EU’s Digital Services Act.

Adult Platform Moderation

Supporting PSPs to Align With Master & Visa Card Payment Policies

Identity Verification Services to help Payment Service Providers (PSPs) Comply with Payment Processing Requirements for Adult Content platforms.


What we do

Moderate user generated content like text, live stream, images, video for Apps, blogs etc. 24×7 across 11 Global Industries, making people’s lives safer and more fulfilling.

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Manage content of brand pages across all Social Media Platforms & Communities in real time. Our content moderation consultancy services enabled an entertainment platform to achieve a 65% cost reduction, ensuring compliance with the Digital Services Act.

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Engage with end-users through award-winning customer support and Tech support teams.

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The ‘Contentanalyzer.ai‘, our propitiatory easy to integrate AI content moderation tool.

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Engaging deeply in technical operations focusing on managing and maintaining organization’s technology infrastructure with goal to keep services running smoothly and efficiently.

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Automated tools and Services improve customer experiences and make the internet a safer place for all stakeholders.

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