What are content moderation services? How does it work and help organisations engage their online users safely on their platforms?

Content Moderation Services | Content Moderation Outsourcing Companies
Content Moderation:
Market in a broad sense can be explained as a place where people come to exchange good and services for either money or other goods and services. However, while the broad meaning of the term market and it principles remain the same, with the increase of online market places the definition of the market has changed.
Consumers are able to order their required products right from the comfort of their home. In the online market place, just like in an actual market place, it is important to make your presence known so that the target customers have the knowledge of your product.
Also in order to maintain this customer base, customer feedback plays a pivotal role. This is where ‘Content Moderation’ comes into play.
Content Moderation means review and regulation of online content like videos, photos, links and posts. Content Moderations Services can be applied for all aspects of the online marketplace.
Content Moderation services range from media uploads, text, posts and miscellaneous files, attachments or links. Their main goal is to protect the user as well as the brand without affecting the user experience.
While many of the large organisations have dedicated a significant part of their revenue for content management, this may not possible for everyone.
To cater to this essential, need many organisations provide content moderation services known as ‘Content Moderation Companies’.

Content Moderation Companies:
Content Moderation Companies or CMCs are organisations that carter to their client’s need for content moderation. They provide custom content moderation services that are tailor made for the specific need of their client. These CMCs continuously monitor and maintain the company’s online presence while maintaining the integrity of the client.

Content Moderation Outsourcing:
As the Content moderation companies are provide custom content moderation specific to their client needs, many of the small businesses as well as large organisations are delving into more cost efficient route of ‘Content Moderation Outsourcing’.

The Content Management Services provided by the agencies are divided into five types:

  • Pre-Moderation
  • Post-Moderation
  • Reactive-Moderation
  • Distributed-Moderation
  • Automated-Moderation

The CMCs provide round the clock maintenance of their online presence for these companies. Now-a-days, the content moderation outsourcing is not only a viable option but an integral part of the company’s success.

Content Moderation at Scale:
In olden days, the reputation of an organisation heavily depended on word of mouth or print media which though affective did not reach a large audience. Since the rise of social media, any person around the world is able to access the reputation of a company.
While this is a more effective method, this also comes with its own set of challenges. It is estimated that companies lose 22% of businesses with a single negative comment. To this effect Content Moderation has became one of the most important operational functions of a business.
Many online businesses have a content moderation at scale that screen through violence, pornography, hate speech and mountains of other illicit, illegal or inappropriate content.
Each business has a custom content moderation method which is decided based upon their requirements. For example, video streaming website You-tube accesses its content once a video is uploaded for any inappropriate content and removes the video immediately while sending a warning to the uploader about the problem with the video.
Therefore it can be said that content moderation at scale varies based on each individual client.
While many major companies like Foiwe provide the Content management Services the ‘No 1 Content Moderation provider’ is to be yet decided. To be No 1 Content Moderation provider the best service and moderation option are of utmost importance. This combined with prompt responses makes all the difference.


Image Moderation Services | Inappropriate Image Detection Companies
Image Moderation:
User Generated Content (UGC) is the content provided by the users on an online platform in the form of texts, images, videos etc. The main objective of UGC moderation is to provide required information to the users while maintaining the integrity.
Moderating photos, just like moderating any kind of content, is done as a way to maintain quality and order in your online community. It will also keep your online properties free from unverified information, frauds or any reputation damage.

The images can be moderated using either pre moderation or post moderation. Image moderation should avoid:

  • Copyright infringement
  • Nudity and pornography
  • Spam and Scams
  • Illegal advertisements
  • Hate and Violence

Image Moderation Services:
Content moderators review every image uploaded on their client’s online platform or with their name tagged on it to see if the image is up to the standards required by their client.
If any image is not up to the regulation, then the image is immediately removed and a notification is sent to both the client as well as the uploader.
The image moderation can be done either manually or it can be automated. But the most common practice is to implement a combination of both in which the images are reviewed automatically but the actual decision of either deleting it or passing it is done manually. Image moderation services are mainly used by social networking sites.

Image Moderation Solutions:
The free access to content sharing online creates tons of “digital waste”. Billions of people share online content like texts, images and other multimedia content online on a daily basis.
Some of the content maybe inappropriate, insulting, obscene, or outright illegal. More than 100,000 people worldwide manually scan through the most violent, pornographic, exploitative and illegal content daily to protect internet users from online bullies and criminals. But, based on the huge amount of content that is uploaded daily, manual moderations are simply not adequate.
As a more efficient image moderation solution, AI-powered content moderation is preferred by some companies. Both of these solutions work on many of the platforms individually. However, for large and mostly image based social media sites, just one of the methods is not sufficient. They generally apply a combination of both the methods.
Image Moderation Solutions can also be used for specific set of moderation in addition to the normal guide lines. For example, Companies can instruct to delete any images that are blurry or avoid a specific brand or country.
They can also add instruction to detect known violators and repeat offenders. This helps in better handling of the situation. Reach out to Foiwe’s content managers for further information about our services. Foiwe is one of the leading Image moderation company.

Inappropriate Image Detection Companies:
A comprehensive benchmark of multiple image moderation services are available across different categories like Nudity, Pornography and Gore. While a human being may be able to instinctively decide whether what they are seeing is inappropriate, an AI program cannot always know the significance of the images.
Many companies like Foiwe are striving to be the best at applying automated techniques to identify whether a piece of media is safe to disseminate or be purged from existence.

The comparison of these AI programs can be assessed using the following categories:

  • Explicit Nudity
  • Suggestive Nudity
  • Porn/sexual act
  • Simulated/Animated porn
  • Gore/Violence


Live Stream Moderators and Chat Moderators| Foiwe
Live Stream Moderation:
Moderation fundamentally can be described as the prevention of abusive language, hate messages or and other offensive terminology. Due to the rise of internet there is also an instant connectivity with people which was previously not present.
Any given point of time any person from one end of the world can connect with anyone at the other end. Due to this, live chats and live stream of videos have become common, be it from school notices to official meeting or just a chat among friends.
It has also led to an increasing number of new careers such has blogging and vlogging in which an individual can capture their experience for the world to see. It has also become a way for celebrities to connect with their fans.
It is also common to see a comments section in these video chats where the viewers can add comments for the vlogger to read and react upon.
Most of the live streaming apps have an inbuilt AI for live stream moderating and offensive comments are first removed and flagged by the AI and then sent for manual moderation which can be reviewed at a later time.
Apart from the automated AI, the people using the live streaming option ,be it the one making the video or the people watching it have an option to flag down any offensive content manually. Foiwe is a leading human moderation company moderating Live streams and live chat sessions on a real time basis.

Live Chat Moderators:
Live Chats generally do not have any one particular initiator therefore the live chat moderations is somewhat easier than that of live stream. However live chat moderations have another barrier of language to contend with. Some of the live chat moderators have languages added based on the region.


Live Video Moderation Service Companies | Video App Moderator
Since the very beginning there have been many forms of communication. We as a society have come a long way from sending representatives on our behalf or using animals as messengers. The critical part of most forms of communication has been time required for the messages to reach their destination. This waiting period has been eliminated in the present digital era.

Video Moderation:
These days the most common forms of communication are video, image and text message. While all the forms of communication are effective, video messages can be more personal and hence more engaging and common. This also means the negative impact of a video is also common; making video moderation extremely important. This makes video content moderation essential.
Most of the video streaming apps require their video to be appraised before uploading. This helps the video moderator to detect any inappropriate content and take necessary action. Some of the social media sites use an automated AI for video moderation as the video is uploaded instantly.

Video App Moderator:
Video app moderators review and moderate video content generated by users on video creation and sharing platform and short videos mobile apps. The video is split into multiple still picture frames and following which moderator reviews each of the frames and removes only those frames which are not aligned to the guidelines provided by their clients. This helps in preventing copyright breaches. The Video App moderation is an essential component of video content moderator

Moderating YouTube Comments:
YouTube is perhaps the most famous and commonly used video streaming application available in the market. Uploading a video in YouTube can help you reach a large audience and also get a feedback at the same time.
Fostering lively discussions on your videos can help build your YouTube channel. But not all comments are good, as spam and abuse can drive viewers away. YouTube has handled this situation by adding the moderation option in the settings which can be activated by the uploader. They can also select specific people or a particular comment to add to the moderator. These moderators can remove comments from your videos. Those comments are then added to your channel’s Held for Review Comment queue as “Flagged by moderator” until you approve or removes them.

Video Content Moderation:
Video Content Moderation is a simple restraint from other videos. It helps to gain brand image and remove unnecessary or explicit content from the videos. The major goal of Video Moderation is to attract consumers using more innovative content.
Video Moderation is not only beneficial for consumers but there are also great advantages of Content Moderation with respect to the business point of view, which can increase the conversion and boost sales by which the consumer’s trust can be gained which is of utmost importance. Improvement of education on your product/service can also be achieved as most major companies use video content for explaining the features of their products.
Removing spam from videos is a very major task because by removing them we can highlight all the essential content in the display, which video content moderator automatically identifies.

Live Video Moderation Companies:
Live Video Moderation Companies provide services where the live videos that are uploaded are moderated in real time. Foiwe Info Global Solutions is one such company providing moderation services on demand.

The categories that are checked by default are:

  • nudity or partial nudity
  • sexually suggestive behavior
  • portray hate or hate crimes
  • contain violence
  • contain offensive gestures or language
  • drugs, drug paraphernalia, or drug use
  • appear blank or broken

Apart from the above mentioned options live video moderation companies provide an option to add additional moderations that their client requires. Video Moderating Services have become an important part in the maintenance of brand image.


Filtering Text Moderation Companies| Foiwe
Text Moderator:
Text or texting is one of the most common forms of communication across the world. Therefore text moderation is also the most common and important form of moderation.
While running an online interactive community, it becomes very critical to manage user generated content (UGC) as the brand reputation relies on it. It is crucial to ensure that only appropriate user generated content is posted on the website by screening and filtering (e.g. comment moderation) for mal-content. Failing to do so could severely impact user traffic, company’s brand reputation and online user experience.
The text moderator is generally AI based moderating software with a manual option for any user to report any profanity. The most common problem faced in this moderation is the language barrier because an AI cannot always distinguish slang of local languages.

Filtering Text Companies:
In all texting application there is an option to add a filter to the chat process. Apart from these, the user can also add extra filters provided by other text filtering companies. The red flags found during these filters are then sent to filtering text companies who manually check and moderate these texts and take necessary actions.

Text Moderation Companies:
Most of the text moderation companies provide real time filtering of texts and messages automatically detecting profanity, sexual content and personal details. Most text moderation companies have AIs designed and battle-tested on all sorts of text inputs. They are available in multiple languages which can be used to moderate user messages, chats, user profiles, comments and reviews in real-time.

Some of the text moderation companies also have an option to prevent users from sharing personal details where they shouldn’t or when they may have been tricked into sharing and hence protecting their privacy.


Data Enrichment Service Providing Companies
Data Enrichment:
Data enrichment can be defined as the process of adding additional information about customers which is acquired through reliable third parties to an already existing data-base in order to provide better and personalised products and services.
The data collected, no matter the source, is in a raw form. This is generally stored in a data dump in the central data storage. Data Enrichment is the process of sorting this data into a more useful information.
By adding the additional data to their existing data, companies get a deeper understanding of their consumer base which helps in design of new products as well as improvisation of existing ones.
Strong Data Enrichment is therefore essential for a company to maintain a good relationship with its customers.

Data Enrichment Services:
Once the additional data about the customers is acquired ,this data goes into a central data storage which is basically a data dump in which all the information is added haphazardly without any organisation.
This raw data then has to be sorted and categorised based on the requirement in to specific databases. This process is called Data Enrichment. The process of creating and maintaining these databases is called ‘Data Enrichment Services’.
Though creating the database is a crucial part of data enrichment services, it is not the only function. The data enrichment services also include checking and verifying the data, removal of any inaccurate information as well as addition of any new data acquired.

Data Enrichment Companies:
Though the companies gather the data and store it a data dump, this database is of no use to the company unless it is sorted. The sorting of the data into usable information takes time and resources. Most companies outsource this task to Data Enrichment Companies.
Data Enrichment Companies sort out the data available in the data dump and create , maintain a database based on the requirements of the companies.
The data enrichment is divided into two type
Demographic Data Enrichment: which consist of personal data like marital status, number of kids, family income etc..
Geographic Data Enrichment: This consists of geographical data like addresses, pin codes, latitude and longitude data which help clothing stores in stocking weather and culture appropriate clothing.

Data Enrichment Process:
The creation and maintenance of the consumer database from the raw data is done as per the specific requirements of the companies. The processes of data cleansing and data appending are important steps in the data enrichment process. Since the details that makeup the customer profile are subject to change over time, it is imperative for any effective process to involve on going, iterative enrichment operation. To this effect it is essential to follow the steps below:

Define Your Needs: This is important because it is a waste of time and resources if there is extraneous data as it leads to confusion and distraction. Therefore it is utmost importance for be clear purpose of the data.
Evaluate Your Data Set: Before proceeding with the data enrichment it is important to check if the data that is available is accurate and up-to- date
Segment the Required Audience: It is better to segregate the data to a specific target segment for more effective results.
Repeat: The requirement and the data are bound to change over time. Therefore it is important to make regular updates to the data set.

ML Data Preparation Services:
Machine Learning Data Preparation is the process of transforming the data into a smart data which is then run through machine learning algorithms to make classifications and accurate predictions. ML Data Preparation is required to build Artificial Intelligence (A.I) systems.

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