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Benefits of Gaming Platform Moderation

From helping regulate brand image to providing key insights, Gaming Platform advantage with Foiwe

Community Safety

Prevent harassment, cyber-bullying, hate speech and other toxic behaviors, making the gaming community more inclusive for everyone.

Regulatory Compliance

Ensure that games and communities remain compliant with industry standards and legal requirements. Prevent bullying and child pornography.

User Retention

Keeps players coming back and more likely to stay engaged with the game and continue supporting the brand. Helps minimize the impact of toxic players on the gaming experience.

Player Experience

Maintain a positive player experience. When players enjoy a game and they are more likely to spread the word and encourage others to join. Keep your online gaming chats healthy.


Boost a brand's monetization efforts. Happy and engaged players are more likely to spend more on in-game items and digital assets.

Our Key Metrics

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Service Offerings

With a multilingual and highly qualified team, Foiwe takes proactive steps when the conversation or content takes a nasty turn. To ensure such reliability, our team is always on standby. In addition, we cover a wide range of media platforms, so no content goes unchecked.

Image Moderation

Ensure delivery of curated image content generated by your end user. Methodically curate and deliver visually appealing images and multimedia elements across platforms with a precise image moderation.

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Text Moderation

Prevent policy violations across multiple user generated text content types. Utilize text moderation to proactively thwart a broad spectrum of policy violations within comments, tweets, posts, reviews, etc.

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Video Moderation

Effectively check user-generated video content to save brand image. Foiwe can deploy seasoned video moderators for evaluation of user-generated videos as per guidelines that is unique to your platform.

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Fraud Detection Services

Continuously monitor user transactions and account activities for signs of fraudulent or suspicious behavior. Our expertise to identify patterns associated with fraudulent activities, helps us to proactively prevent online fraud.

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Live Stream Moderation

Review communities and social sites that support live video streams. Perform comprehensive assessments of online communities, apps and social platforms with Foiwe's 24x7 Live Stream Moderation.

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Managed Services

Managed services for a gaming platform are tailored made to reduce your operational costs by leveraging our specialized expertise. You can focus on strategic objectives and core competencies while we manage the operations.

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Applications and Capabilities

Gaming Platform Moderation service can ensure safe user experiences across a wide variety of streaming platforms.


  • Online games and gaming apps etc.
  • Interactive gaming consoles and platforms
  • YouTube and Instagram Channels
  • Gaming community portals and online game stores


  • Scalable solutions capable of handling large volumes
  • Multilingual audio visual moderation team.
  • Review extremely graphic content in Videos by human reviewers.

Tailor-made and scalable solution for all content moderation needs

While a few platforms are tackling the issues related to content moderation, others are still in the process of determining their starting point. In contrast, we have already successfully implemented it.
content moderation advantages

With your dedicated account manager, as a single point of contact and accessible round the clock over the phone or messenger, you get a personalized support and swift communication literally in real time. We aim at seamless problem-solving, enhancing overall satisfaction on our service delivery and partnership effectiveness through continuous communication across multiple channels.

Content moderation for an app demands a tailor-made solution aligned with your project’s unique requirements. Our customized offerings ensure that the moderation process effectively aligns with your content types, user demographics and compliance mandates. We are your extended team working together towards user safety, platform integrity and user experience.
We understand that real-time implementation of moderation guideline changes in an app is crucial for maintaining user safety and adherence to evolving content standards. Swift updates prevent harmful or inappropriate content from slipping through the cracks, ensuring a responsive and adaptable moderation system that protects both users and the app’s reputation.

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Gaming platform moderation involves the active monitoring and regulation of in-game content, player behavior and interactions within an online gaming environment to ensure a safe, enjoyable and inclusive experience for all players.
Moderation is crucial for maintaining a positive gaming environment, preventing harassment, toxicity, and inappropriate content, protecting the brand’s reputation and ensuring regulatory compliance.
Moderation services typically address text and voice chat, in-game messaging, user-generated content, forums and any other interactions that occur within the gaming platform.
Moderation services often use a combination of automated filters, AI algorithms and human moderators to identify and address toxic behavior. Common measures include warnings, temporary suspensions and permanent bans for offenders.
Many gaming platforms provide an appeals process that allows players to dispute moderation actions. This process typically involves reviewing evidence and reconsidering the decision.
Moderation services aim to strike a balance between maintaining a safe environment and respecting freedom of speech. They typically target harmful or inappropriate content while allowing for legitimate player expression.
Transparency, clear community guidelines, consistent enforcement and clear communication with players are key to ensuring fairness in moderation practices.

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