Image Moderation Services

Image Moderation

Our skilled photo moderation teams work 24/7 on every single image that your user uploads or shares on your site. Since images have the maximum visual impact on users, we ensure that we maintain above 99% accuracy and a very short turn-around time. Skilled moderators bundled with customized offerings makes our image moderation services extremely economical.

May it be a Profile, Public, Private or any Specialized Album that needs moderation; our accounts team will completely customize our Image Moderation Solution offerings to your specific needs. Our experienced image review teams make us the global leader among the top Content review and moderation Companies.

Our accuracy, speed, cost and proactive analysis make us the most preferred moderation partner of the world’s largest dating site (ComScore 2012 ratings). We are a leader among the  top Image Detection Companies of the world.

Swift and Efficient

We provide 24/7 moderation services to ensure that every image gets moderated as soon as it is uploaded or shared. Our delivery model, state-of-the-art infrastructure and skilled moderators guarantee that you have the quickest moderation results.

Cost-Effective Solution

Skilled resources, shorter learning curve, customized & scalable offerings make our services extremely efficient & cost-effective. Our flexi-model allows you to engage more resources during peaks & fewer during lows. We put the budget control right in your hand.

Strict Quality Control

An additional layer of our in-house quality assurance team, who closely monitor every moderated image, ensures that your site has only those contents which are aligned to your policies.  Continuous assessment and feedback make our moderators best in the industry.

Customized Offerings

Whether it may be the moderation policies, resource availability, preferred timings or a strict budget, our accounts team will go through your unique needs and custom design a solution just for your business so that you achieve your specific business goals. We value relationships.

We have been working with Foiwe for more than 2 years and we are highly satisfied with the provided services. The staff is well- qualified and skilled. The work is always done on time and with commitment.

Sergey Babadzhanyan

Head of Customer Service -,

We Moderate

More than 1.5 Million images per day
Around 40K user profiles per day

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Image Moderation Generally Avoids

    • Copyright infringement
    • Nudity and pornography
    • Spam and Scams
    • Illegal advertisements
    • Hate and Violence