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Onsite Support helpdesk

Organized management of field support agents to aid in technical support processes

How our onsite support desk helps our clients

An onsite support desk is the first line of contact for any support associate who handles a customer issue on the field. The support desk should also have access to appropriate resources such as technical knowledge and team management skills that can coordinate quickly in order to solve problems efficiently without having to ask customers to wait for long periods.  From a customer point of view, they’re always going to be concerned about the level of service they are receiving from your company. 

Foiwe’s onsite-support desk solutions are managed by professionals with a thorough understanding of the industry, customer needs, and expectations, as well as good communication skills. Foiwe puts the right tools and fitting teams in place so you handle the flow of customer inquiries, optimize support processes, and streamline entire communication with ease.


Applications and Capabilities

Onsite Support Helpdesk effectively manages field resources that can save time and deployment costs for any industry.  


  • Field agent management
  • Ticketing and escalations
  • Order fulfilment operations
  • Complete SR Management


  • Communicating with onsite engineers and professionals to route them efficiently.
  • Following best practices to register, escalate and resolve tickets.
  • Quick turnaround time

Benefits of Onsite Support Helpdesk

By having well-trained agents ready to take reps from managing multiple teams, not only can you streamline support, but you can also minimize waiting times

Dispatch in Seconds
Dispatching new customer requests, assigning suitable agents, and fielding incoming customer requests with ease.
Detect Gaps in Coverage
Detect gaps in coverage by using historical data on repeat requests to determine where you need more staff or other resources.
High-Quality Customer Support
Provide your clients with high-quality customer support to increase your satisfied customer base and business sustainability.

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