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Change Management

Management approach and processes that enable smooth execution of change initiatives without sparking disruption in everyday operations. 

What is Change Management?

Control IT Change Process with Foiwe’s Change Management Services

Change is inevitable among organizations, with new projects and efforts to enhance performance and increase profits to gain a competitive edge. Business transformation requires change management at its core. 

The essence of change management is to put plans in place for influencing, stabilizing and then controlling change. The ultimate goal of change management is not only to bring about transformation but also to ensure that the transformation is not disruptive and contrary to plans. There is no or minimal business service outage. 

Foiwe’s team consists of experienced change managers, change coordinators and project managers. Experience an efficient change control and change management which is cost-effective too.


Applications and Capabilities

Chat and IM Moderation as a service, scrutinizes user ideas and discussions to validate chat content that are posted online.  


  • IT Upgrades
  • Security fixes
  • Preventive Changes


  • Process driven approach
  • CMDB Management.
  • Chair CAB meetings.
  • Experienced team

Benefits of Change Management

A badly managed change can cause a major service outage which in turn can cost your business millions of dollars. Manage your changes with Foiwe for a seamless experience

Higher Service Availability
Update and manage the CMDB efficiently to prevent business service outages
Quick Turn Around Time
Plan and manage changes efficiently though planned CAB meetings and 24x7 availability
Minimize Revenue loss due to Outages
Efficient Change Management team saves millions of dollars by minimizing the down time effectively

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