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Community Management

Regulate healthy discussions and interaction in online communities.

Community Management

Success with efficient Online Community Management

In niche communities where the allowed content often falls in a grey area, moderation can be quite a challenge. Providing a safer environment to share content is the crucial goal, as the platform involves a high risk of unwanted user content.  

A community moderator is responsible for enforcing community guidelines and can be required to deal with anything ranging from abusive comments, spam, and trolling. 

The community manager or moderator is not just responsible for determining the appropriateness of content but is also responsible for all aspects of content, including comments. Our Moderators have in-depth knowledge on a host of topics, including cyberbullying, online harassment, privacy, and many more. 


Applications and Capabilities

Chat and IM Moderation as a service, scrutinizes user ideas and discussions to validate chat content that are posted online.  


  • Discussion groups and Forums
  • Brand Pages and handles in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube
  • Interactive platforms


  • Online communities and forums function 24/7, and that just makes conflicts more probable. However, Foiwe’s round-the-clock moderation service minimizes that probability
  • Domain Experts as Subject Matter Specialists

Benefits of Community Management

Our team of community moderators can detect threats and undesirable user activity 24/7. Furthermore, our community moderators are expert users of the platform who have a genuine interest in the online space. 

Protect candid ideas
Foiwe’s moderators strive to enforce community rules without compromising the essence in the exchange of ideas.
Support Anti-Piracy
Online communities often serve as portals that exploit free sharing of material to facilitate software piracy and other intellectual property. Community Management can help keep this in check.
Dedicated Relationship Manager
All moderations are monitored and approved by a relationship manager.

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