Live Stream Review and Moderation

Our Live Stream Moderation team moderates and reviews some of the world’s top live streaming and live broadcasting Apps. We monitor and reviews live broadcasts, live chats, live audio chats of the community users to ensure legal compliance and that they follow community guidelines. Quick turnaround time, more than 99% accuracy rate, scalability and 24/7 availability are some of the factors that makes us the most desired moderation company of the world.

Live Stream Moderation

We review multilingual live steaming broadcasts of various community apps and social sites. The reviewers moderate multiple streams simultaneously. Supporting apps with 100+ Million users.

Live Audio Moderation

Our multilingual Live audio moderation services helps to maintain community compliance of your popular voice chat rooms and karaoke apps. Supports apps with more than 50+ Million users.

Live Chat Moderation

Our team moderates some of the high volume live chat applications in multiple languages. We support around 30 languages under our live chat moderation services. Very important for group chat communities.

Flagged Content Moderation

When a live streaming broadcast or live audio broadcast gets flagged by any user, we review them and take appropriate action with a quick turnaround time.

Social Game Moderation

We moderate live social games on various platforms such as game apps, game portal or community apps. We support some of the top game apps with high volume of active users round the clock and across the globe.

Interactive Apps Moderation

These are the apps where users can interact in multiple medium. We moderate live and prerecorded voice, audio and video contents generated by both online and offline users.

Our swift, accurate, scalable and cost effective moderation solutions are designed to support projects of various sizes and volume.  Contact our accounts team to know about our various cost-effective video moderation offers.