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Livestream Moderation

Review communities, apps and social sites that support live video streams. 

Live Stream Moderation

What is Live Stream Moderation?

Almost all emerging video platforms now support live streaming of video content to connect, entertain, and chat. The factors like authenticity, objectivity, and emotional intelligence play a vital role in moderating live streams. Trust and safety of Live Video Stream.  

When it comes to the live stream of videos, the most common techniques of content moderation are human review and machine learning. We invest time and resources in training the moderators with all the critical concepts to become more effective content judges. One must be able to detect what a user is feeling when viewing and understanding the video content. 

Foiwe offers expert human moderators to solve these problems and empower you with valuable insights while moderating live video content. We also help in training and calibrating your AI system to yield accurate results and improve its efficiency. 


Applications and Capabilities

Video Moderation as a service, reviews and validates imagery that are users post on a platform.  


  • Filter inappropriate content in Live Video Streams
  • Mobile And Web Applications
  • Ecommerce


  • Human moderation helps enforce community policies in real-time.
  • Multilingual support.
  • Scalable solutions capable of handling large volumes of data.

Benefits of Livestream Moderation

From helping regulate brand image to providing key insights, Live Stream Moderation from Foiwe 

Real-time solution
Quick and efficient moderation in real time 24x7.
Prevent trolling
An effective tool against internet trolls who present themselves to trample on business reputation online.
The human element
An added level of security is enabled by human reviewers.

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