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Chat and IM Moderation

Our expert panel of moderators pave the way for conflict-free chat and instant messaging

The Working of Chat and IM Moderation

How does Chat and IM moderation protect your users online?

With the rise of social and dating apps, chat and instant messaging platforms have become a target for bizarre and explicit content. This is all about how users conduct themselves in a conversation within a chat environment. Chat moderation is to make sure that a public chat remains civil and secure no matter who is participating in it.

Foiwe’s professionals are experienced chat moderators who are trained to recognize the key phrases and words that can get other people into trouble. It takes a certain kind of personality to be good at this. 

Instant messaging provides a much more casual way of communicating with people, so it is more difficult to assess the content in chats using run-of-the-mill computational methods for moderation. 

To solve this, Foiwe’s moderation experts analyze chat sessions and messaging groups to enforce policies that are set up to prevent such misconduct. Our moderators are highly organized to handle the sheer volume of messages that may come in at one time. 


Applications and Capabilities

Chat and IM Moderation as a service, scrutinizes user ideas and discussions to validate chat content that are posted online.  


  • Instant Messaging Platforms
  • Social & dating apps
  • Community platforms and blogs
  • Live streaming platforms
  • Discussion forums with chat interface


  • An expert panel of human moderators to assess live messages.
  • Scalable to handle large volume of chat sessions
  • Multilingual team

Benefits of Chat and IM Moderation

Foiwe provides unparalleled Chat and IM Moderation solutions so you can serve appropriate audience. 

Live 24/7
Round-the-clock moderation service keeps chats clean while sustaining the natural flow of conversation.
Regulate Brand Image
User discussions often take a turn for the worse when talking about brands. Foiwe ensures filtering out inappropriate ideas.
Real-time Processing
Any content that is offensive and in violation of policies is discarded before reaching its audience.

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