Content Moderators Are the Real Super Heroes Of The Internet

Content moderators spend their days scouring the internet to keep your online experience safe, secure and family friendly.

The content moderation workforce at Foiwe, works 24×7 tirelessly to filter out violent content, abusive texts, child pornography, scammers and sexual content for various websites and applications such as short video apps, viral videos, YouTube channels, Instagram Posts, social apps, games etc.

There are intent predators who target innocent children or someone emotionally venerable and exploit them for financial or fetish gains. The scammers are expert in targeting the weakness of an individual to scam them of their wealth. The only shield you have, is a content moderator standing between you and the scammers. The moderatos study the pattern of internet based scams across the globe and immediately stops the scammers as soon as they identify a potential fraud in the making. Only a daily basis, our scammer moderators identifies and blocks 1000s of fake/fraud accounts to keep the internet safe and protect online users. They are the real Heroes of todays’ technology.

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