Branded Content Tagging & Content Tag Moderation – How It Helps an Online Business On its Success

Better content tagging and integration leads to higher number of views when means higher scope of reaching the readers. Branded content tagging refers to the tagging of Branded commodities. When the content creator publishes some content for its business partner in return for a payment, such content is termed as a branded content. The business associate then may alter the content or be featured in it. It is mandatory for the author to tag the business author in such content. Branded content tagging makes sure that reader insights reach to both the author and the business partner. The primary aim of branded content tagging is to enable the content author to capitalize by creating content on demand and to help business get a further audience reach.

The process of connecting several contents in a repository is termed as content integration. Content integration helps in using the content in more than one way. Content integration takes place only when one content repository is connected with another content-based system for the purpose of absorbing or ejecting content in the systems.

Content tagging and integration approach includes the following:

Determining whether or not the message of the content and the medium are different and that the content can be distributed through various channels.
Determining a working pattern and its utility.
Determining the method used to design the content.
Determining appropriate repository for content integration.

Content tag moderation provides a mean to categorize and classify data in a manner that would minimize plagiarism, copyright infringement and poor quality listing on the online market place. This aims towards safe and authentic product discovery and online engagement.

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