User Generated Content Moderation Services

User Generated Content Moderation Services

User Generated Content (UGC) which is also known as User Created Content (UCC) is the content provided by the users on an online platform in the form of texts, images, videos etc. The main objective is to provide future buyers with an unbiased objective or review of a product. User Generated Content are also used by organisations to collect data from users who are not generally accessible.

In 1970s and 80s the editors of the newspapers or magazines had to use the products themselves in order to provide a review to the readers. Though this was effective the opinions generally biased which may not be helpful to everyone.

The rise of User Generated Content happened in 1990s and the 2000s due to the rise in online platforms. Nowadays it is common practice of many read the reviews of any product before purchasing. The users can understand and check the effectiveness of every product down to its individual characteristics.

The concepts of UGC can be used for wide variety of uses. For example, polls conducted to know the public opinion or reporting of a crime or an incident which effects the peace of the community to the concerned authorities. It is also most generally used by e-commerce sites as platform for the public to provide an honest and detailed view of the product.

Many product and service providers us UGCs like customer surveys to get to know what the end consumer expects from their products. One of the examples of this if from a famous fast food brand of Domino’s done a few years back. Because of many bad reviews from customers on many social media platforms, the company has done several survey over many media platforms asking it’s customers to rate each and every aspect of their product and also suggestions for improvement. This has helped them to improve their product based on the preferences of the customers.

User Generated Content Moderation:

As the social presence and the UGC have become an essential and integral part for the functioning of their products many companies has employed user generated content moderation techniques in order to better organise their social presence and reputation. It is a well-known fact that the negative reviews of any brand or product has a ripple effect and has a bad affect on the sales as well as the customer trust. Therefore, UGC Moderation is a key part of any organisation. While large organisation have a exclusive department for UGC Moderation, smaller companies has turned to agencies who content moderation services.

The meaning of User Generated Content Moderation can be explained as following the trends of the UGCs with relation to a particular product, service or a company and to check if the content is within a set of rules and guidelines.

Content Moderating Services:

The main goal of Content Moderating Services can be told as to protect the user as well as the brand without affecting the user experience. The function of UGC Moderation Services is scanning and monitoring the user generated content across all platforms and checking if the predetermined set of rules are being followed.

Types of Custom Content Moderations:
The Content Management Services provided by the agencies are divided into five types:

  • Pre-Moderation
  • Post-Moderation
  • Reactive-Moderation
  • Distributed-Moderation
  • Automated-Moderation

Depending on the product the agencies may advice a single type of moderation or some may also require custom moderation services tailor fitted to your business requirements. These Custom Moderation Services are known to have the maximum affect in the user generated content moderation as every business is unique and cannot be categorized under a single type.

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