Chat and Instant Message Moderation

The leading role of technology on various domains such as websites, Social media, gaming and online shopping has simultaneously given rise to customer communities and customer service platforms. Most platforms often use options such a ‘message board’ or ‘chat’ features to enable consumer interaction. It is crucial that these conversations on any public domain remains courteous and civil and the sanctity of the idea of ‘consumer relations’ remains intact. This is where the role of chat and instant message moderation comes into picture.

Chat and instant message moderations makes sure that an innocuous and safe platform is provided for resolving various issues. For this purpose, chat moderators are appointed. These are the people who monitor the online communities to moderate and survey all conversations taking place on the domain. As a part of chat and instant message moderation, these moderators have the full right to modify all the content including, but not limited to, deleting content, banning users, or simply provide quick hands-on solutions for questions as required. The primary aim of chat moderation or instant message moderation is to ensure that the discussion remains on topic and there are no personal comments or derogatory insults in the chat room.

The parties involved in chat and instant message moderation are

The Admin- Their function is to screen questions and designate moderators for various platforms.
Moderator- They moderate the conversation on the individual platform assigned to them. They play the main role in chat moderation.
Speaker- This party provides information and answers on the domain.
Users- In most cases, the user is the customer, they ask questions, give feedbacks and reads responses provided by the speaker.

Difference between chat and instant messaging

Chat and instant messaging are two different ways to communicate on the internet. However, they are often interchangeable. One can chat while sending instant messages but an instant message is not ultimately a chat.

Instant messaging involves one to one conversation through a text message or a picture. Instant messages take place usually with someone you know and the two devices remain connected throughout the process. Instant messaging might involve two people or a group chat. Facebook messenger, WhatsApp and Snapchat are a few popular instant messaging platforms.

The service provider conducts instant message moderation for its domain. For example, WhatsApp moderators will moderate all messages sent via WhatsApp. In case of private instant message, only the creator of the private message can provide instant message moderation by restricting others to contribute.

A chat usually occur when multiple people are connected with the aim of discussing a shared interest or common topic with the help of text or pictures. These chats typically take place in chat rooms where content is shared to all the people all at once via this digital forum. Unlike instant messaging, People on a chat room are often outsiders and do not necessarily conversant in real life. Mocospace, Twitch and Zobe are a few famous chat room platforms.

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