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In today’s market for a company to maintain it’s footing it has to be always accessible to its customer while maintaining the best quality. For this to happen companies are employing every trick at its disposal to get as much information and feedback for it’s customers as possible. User Generated Content is the most common and important aspect of this. Many companies are using different types of UGCs like online surveys, paid promotions, product reviews, advertising, forum discussions, blogs. While large companies have resources to maintain a department for the maintanance of their UGC Moderation smaller companies generally depend on agencies that provide the services to maintain their online presence. The main objective of this is the job of UGC Moderation is basically outsourced to a specific agency who monitor the UGCs and check if they are adhering to the predetermined objectives, rules and regulation. The main goal of these agencies is to protect the user as well as brand without effecting the user experience. This service is called UGC Moderation Service.

Agency Campaign Moderation Services

The UGC Moderations are mainly divided into following types:

  • Pre-Moderation
  • Post-Moderation
  • Reactive-Moderation
  • Distributed-Moderation
  • Automated-Moderation

As individual is different and each company is different the UGC Moderation needs are also different based on the nature of their business and few other criteria the companies may need to employ one or more of the above mentioned Moderations. Agency Campaign Moderation Services is such service wherein the agency looks over the companies UGCs and other concerning aspects like the status of competitors etc as come up with a tailor made set of Moderations for a specific area of service. This called Campaign Moderation. In Agency Campaign Moderation Services they help you customise the moderations based on your requirements while helping in maintaining the upper hand in the market by distinguishing you from others in the market. The Job of maintaining the UGC Moderation then entirely falls on them leaving the company to free to do its job.

The Foiwe Advantage

Campaign Level Moderation:

Campaign Level Moderation can be easily explained as the set of moderations that are selected to maintain a specific area of service. This contains one or more types of moderations each with a specific area of interest. Campaign Moderation for example may contain both automated and reactive Moderation in order to avoid explicit or rude content from appearing on the website. In Campaign Level Moderation generally a group of individuals are generally appointed as a team each with a specific job to do.

The sole purpose of this team is to check and maintain the online activity and constantly checking the content to maintain in the quality of the content. Some of the moderations also have an option where the users can also report if any of the content is not according to the guidelines. This team reviews the reports sent but the users and take the required action. This is generally found on several social media contents like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc. Maintaining Campaign Level Moderation is of utmost important for any business to have a successful product. In achieving this it can be siad that service provided by Agencies play an important role.

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